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Your Expertise Has Brought You Here

Your Hard Work And Dedication Have Brought You Financial Success. Now, How Can You Continue To Grow, Protect Your Assets, And Leave A Lasting Legacy For Your Loved Ones?

Your Dedication

You've dedicated countless hours to building your business to where it is today. Sacrificing precious time with loved ones, you've poured your heart and soul into its growth and success. Amidst the challenges of expansion, there are moments of doubt, yet there are also days when you feel unstoppable, ready to conquer the world.

Passionate Living

As business owners, you enjoy living life to the fullest. Whether it's camping in the wilderness with your families and friends, teaching your kids to dirt bike, or cheering them on at hockey, soccer, dance or gymnastics tournament. You love planning your next vacation to Mexico or another beautiful destination where you can unwind and relax.

Thoughts About Your Future

Have you taken the time to look at what happens when you go to sell your business, how will you create income?
 Maybe you own a couple properties, and they give you a good return and are a great asset; is the rental income enough to fund your lifestyle?
 Do you want to leave your family a legacy? Where will it come from?
 Who is going to pay the taxes and where is the money going to come from after you’re gone?

Control Your Financial Future

Familiar with the ebb and flow of money? Sometimes it's more, sometimes less, but somehow it more than balances out and you are further ahead than expected. Yet, have you ever wished for more stability, more control over your financial future? So that as you approach your later years, there's more than just memories of good times and wishing that you had done more earlier.

Exceptional Service and Guidance

Progressive Insurance Based

Insurance Has Evolved, Offering Business Owners And Individuals A Valuable Option: Efficient Wealth Growth As A Legacy And Tax-Advantaged Income Source, Alongside Liquidity For Enhanced Financial Security And Flexibility.

Your Insurance Needs Are Unique To Your Lifestyle And Desires.

Having Someone Who Listens And Explains Insurance Clearly Is Priceless, Ensuring You Understand What You Are Doing.

Exceptional 5.0 rating

My husband and I have worked with David Dodgson at Macabee Financial for over 10 years. We would not want to be anywhere else when it comes to insurance policies. David is charismatic, kind and an amazing listener. He is not afraid of any questions that we may have, and he handles every conversation with such tact. David is incredibly knowledgeable and has our utmost trust. We look forward to working with David and Maccabee Financial for many years to come. Highly recommend !

MIchelle Demman J Demman Contracting

David is fantastic to work with. I have relied on his expertise for the past 6 years, and his guidance on managing my company’s insurance portfolio has been invaluable. He has helped make sure my business, myself and family are protected. Thanks to David's insightful advice, my portfolio has seen consistent growth. I have recommended him to many of my friends.

Jeff Patton Patton Motorcars

I have worked with David for over 10 years, and he has been a vital part of my company’s growth. During this time, David has given me great advice and always answered my questions in a timely manner. He works hard and always goes above and beyond make sure my business and family are taken care of. I never hesitate to reach out to David, whether it’s in his wheelhouse or not he always comes through helping me in any way he can. I look forward to many more years together and highly recommend David.

Caleb Stevens CS Construction
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