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Meet David Dodgson

David believes that managing money is about more than just finances; it's about empowering people to pursue their passions. While money can't buy happiness, it certainly enables individuals to achieve their goals and create fulfilling lives for themselves and their families. The invaluable experience David has gained at Maccabee Financial Inc. and the meaningful relationships he has built are the cornerstones of his professional fulfillment.

Beyond his professional life, David is a proud father to three wonderful children—two teens and a tween—whom he shares with his wife, Hannah. Married for over 20 years, David and Hannah prioritize their family, enjoying an active lifestyle with their beloved hound dog, Dutch. Whether they are at soccer fields from Kelowna to Vancouver, at the local ranch, or in a school gym, their family time is cherished. In their spare moments, they relish in the joy of simply being together. 

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    Evidence of Endurance

    Proven Resilience And Fortitude

    Maccabee Financial Inc. Is Committed To Growing And Taking Care Of You Today And For Years To Come.

    Career Inception

    David starts working as a junior in a top advisors office.

    October 2007

    The Beginning

    Business Acquisition

    Became established as a sole proprietor under the name Current Financial Management and purchased first block of business.

    January 2010

    Stepping Out

    Maccabee Financial Inc.

    Incorporated Maccabee Financial Inc as a partner.

    February 2013


    Maccabee Financial Inc.

    Purchased 100% of Maccabee Financial Inc.

    December 2016


    Reliable And Dependable

    Rely On A Dependable Source For Customized Insurance Solutions.

    Discover The Assurance Of Expert Guidance, Personalized Service, And Dedicated Support For Your Insurance And Investment Needs.