“I can’t say enough about the amount of trust I have in this company. They have helped me along in so many ways with integrity and patience. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for life insurance or investments. The thing I respect the most about companies is when they are able to give suggestions that have the customer’s best interest in mind but there is no financial gain to be had by the company… when you’re able & willing to sacrifice gain for the sake of HELPING the client, you have my business. They have my business because I trust that they will give me input and advise based on what would be best for me & my family. 5 stars and 3 thumbs up.”

-Nico Boesten


“It’s funny how in life one path takes you somewhere but then another path switches everything you know upside down and back again. Well this was my financial story before we met David Dodgson. I am blessed to truly understand the emotional needs of children but I really have no clue how to save money, lol. Randal and I were blessed to cross paths with David who gave us tips on investing to save money for our future. David not only works with money and investments, he gets people and really has a true understanding of individuals’”

-Nina Typusiak


“I have been privileged to know David since he was a child, and I can rightfully say that you will not find a man with greater integrity.”

-Daniel Borlase


“I met David a little over a year ago. David goes far beyond any expectations I ever had as far as planning for my future. Over the past year, he has become a close friend, and has been there through all of my own trials and tribulations. David has become my friend; I value his input not only from a financial life planning perspective, but also for guidance through life’s up and downs. Maccabee Financial stands on principal, character and integrity. There just isn’t a better choice!”

-Austin Reles


“We previously invested with large firms with pushy “salesman” type investors and large banks where money never seems to grow. In the past three years I have seen nothing but consistent gains with Maccabee Financial. David is a truly personable guy who listens to your needs and creates a plan based on your future and current financial situation. I highly recommend David if you are searching for early retirement.”

-Stacey and Chelan Ireland


“Excellent customer service and exceptional product. David is thorough, professional and accommodating while being an expert in all aspects of financial planning and life insurance. We switched firms shortly after meeting with David as his product fit our lifestyle and his ability to relate to us professionally and personally. Highly recommend!”

-Amy Matson


“Looking for someone to help you with your finances?! You MUST go see David at Maccabee Financial. I have been a client of David’s since 2012 and would refer anyone to him! He is a true professional, very knowledgeable and, best of all, completely invested in your financial outcomes. Maccabee can help you with all types of investments, savings, and insurance policies. If you’re at all interested in more info, please contact them and set-up a consult. You won’t regret it! P.S. – don’t forget to let them know who referred you!”

-Chelsea Kristian