Can stress shape who we are?

An article in my news feed caught my attention the other day. It was based on the hard realities of being self employed. A lot of us in one way or another are in business for ourselves; running your home life and finances, in my opinion, is your personal business.  We can all relate to the day to day and sometimes hour to hour of the emotional roller coaster we are on. Being self employed and in dealing with a wide range of people, I hear the synonymy in our feelings and thoughts.

We all deal with a very common denominator called stress. It manifests itself in so many ways.  If we narrow it down we probably all deal with the same stresses, Financial, Work, Family, Relational, and Time. How does stress affect you? What are the tell tale signs that you are in the thick of it?

I also happened to be watching a Ted Talk the other night starring Kelly McGonigal, who is a Health Psychologist.  She was speaking on her interpretation of stress and what the body goes through during stressful events. It was a different view then I have ever heard.  She believes that stress is actually good for you! I started to think about it and have been pondering this opinion and have found it to be very eye opening and helpful. What if our bodies are actually designed to handle stress and repair the side effects of stress? What if we are already equipped with the coping mechanisms needed and being put under stress can be one of our strongest qualities? As we go through our days being who we are, at work in our communities and our families and feel the real pressures of life, I want to remind you that our bodies are amazing, humans are incredible, we are stronger then we know, and have the ability to implement new beliefs and change what we want.

Take care of yourself, you will be at your best for it.

To watch the Ted Talk follow this link:

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