At Maccabee Financial, we believe in giving back to our local and global communities. Here is how we’re involved:

Hope for the Nations

hftnHope for the Nations (HFTN) works in partnership with local communities and organizations in over 20 countries to provide orphans and vulnerable children with caring homes, health care and education in their communities. Local micro-enterprises and community development projects help to support and finance these efforts.

Hope for the Nations makes a difference by starting the process of change.

Just as Maccabee Financial builds confidence and success in our clients, we also desire to invest in a successful future for the emerging generations of children at risk around the world. It has been the heart of David Dodgson to give of their time and money to the organizations that support this desire, including Hope for the Nations.

We have been able to be a part of the opportunity to invest in the humanitarian arena. As a group, we can give financially to help build projects around the world in order to assist children in extreme poverty. The added touch is that we can all watch the projects as they are completed. To see more, visit their website at

Together, with you our clients, we are investing in the lives of children around the world through community based care, education and scholarship programs to give ‘at risk’ children a chance.

* Hope for the Nations is a registered charity in good standing with Canada Revenue Agency. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for any donations you make.

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

Created to promote the interests of business in the City of Kelowna, the Chamber has beenchamber an integral part of Kelowna, recognized as one of British Columbia’s most prestigious business communities.

“The mission of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce is to stimulate long-term prosperity through a member-focused approach. We generate opportunities that provide connection and advantage and champion initiatives that influence change.”

Maccabee Financial is a proud member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, and we value the Chamber’s dedication to connecting, serving and empowering the Kelowna business community. David is an active members of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce as well as in the Kelowna business community. Click here to learn more about the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.